Supply Chain Insurance and Contingent Business Interruption Insurance – Two Overlooked Areas of Insurance Coverage

Risk management is increasingly a major concern that a business cannot ignore. When tumultuous times such as the global pandemic happen, businesses and individuals look to their insurance policies for protection. Insurance brokers and agents sell boilerplate “off the shelf” policies that are crafted by the insurance industry, naturally to the insurance industry’s advantage. These same […]

Assignment of Rights Under an Insurance Policy

Can You Assign Your Rights Under an Insurance Policy? Whether you can assign rights under your insurance policy to someone else is a common issue that many policyholders face. Insurance companies include terms in their policies that prohibit assignment of rights. However, there are circumstances under which an assignment of rights may be necessary, especially […]

The Importance of Having an Attorney Review Your Corporate Insurance Policy

Your commercial insurance policy’s coverage can make the difference between surviving a crisis and having to close your doors. If damage that you sustain falls under a policy’s exclusion, you could find yourself with a large potential claim that the insurance company will not pay. Therefore, it is important to know your policy forward and […]

Special Insurance Counsel – “Place to Worship Initiative” and Suits Against Municipalities on the Rise

There has been a significant increase in suits against Township Committees and Planning and Zoning Boards of Municipalities alleging their actions violate civil rights.  As recently as June, 2018, the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, approved a “Place to Worship Initiative” on protecting the ability of houses of worship and other religious […]

Homeowners Policies May Insure for Condo Assessments

Hurricane Irma hit the South Coast of Florida in 2017. Condominium Associations assessed unit owners to cover damages not covered by the Condominium’s insurance. Many condo owners didn’t know that their liability policies covered for Loss Assessments.  Beware of insurers taking off-sets they’re not entitled to. Seek policyholder counsel if a dispute arises. – Michael […]